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doodle fest

October 2, 2010

We’ve been tossing around the idea of wallpaper for a while now, at the old place we made a giant wall mural out of one of Mr. Broke’s photos( and wheat pasted the thing onto the wall with fairly good success. It was beautiful and totally cheap, about 70$ to have the whole thing printed at Kinko’s and another 5ish dollars for glue and flour…

you can see snippets of it in these…. however I’m totally smitten with doodley wallpapers and I think we may have to pull out our craftin’ skills and try our hand at wallpaper design. I mean what?! we’ve got illustrator AND many tens of thousands of dollars worth of art school tuition on our side, so something worth looking at had better be within our capabilities.

wait is that my house?

This is the one that started it though, how perfect would this be for a giant closet! Ah! You will be mine burlesque lady doodle wallpaper! And best of all, since I will be drawing said ladies they will have way better underpants on, no pasties please.

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