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caveman bed

September 26, 2010

Mr and I got our first big kid bed(granted it was my Mom’s old bed) and I’m so excited to pimp it out with all of the lovely, non-target brand, sheets that came with it! Its a freaking king size; me, Mr and madam Blakely can all sleep soundly without even one of us being shoved off of the side by a puppy leg spasm, it’s pretty lavish. So in honor of the new bed and fall being well on its way, I’ve been scoping out some pretty snuggly looking bed situations:

Say hello to my future caveman bed, I like that it looks like you could be in on the side of a glacier in Antarctica and these beds would still be impervious to chill. So if I had too much money to spend on making this happen it would look something like this:

( Sorta clockwise-y from top left: kuba pillows, Fog linen gray sheet set, Foxy blanket by Twinkle Living, White Faux Sheep blanket, Chunky Laura Ashley blanket, Bjork pillow from Design House Stockholm)

And if I had a normal amount of money to spend on the idea, it would look something like this:

(Pillows from Maisons du Monde, Grey sheets from Ikea, Aztec blanket from Pendleton, Sheep skin from IkeaChunky Pillow by West Elm, and the last 3 blankets are also from Ikea, yay Ikea!)

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