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September 19, 2010

so starting tomorrow we will have painters covering the exterior of our house! Yikes, we havent even picked a color yet, ha, but seriously I think I was in denial about the whole thing actually happening and subsequently haven’t spent the time that is necessary to choose an exterior paint. We want gray, the house is cedar shake and unfortunately it has been painted, so essentially we would like it to look like it was never painted and aged into that awesome seal gray that you see in new england.

(Nick Noyes via Remodelista)

This house is sort of what we’re goin for, old but new, but not so new that we aren’t aware of the old, you know? And in reality I’ve been more preoccupied with finding some dreamy doors to give the house this kind of vibe, rather than picking a paint color. So let’s move on to that rather than looking for paint.



(desire to inspire)

In reality this a very long term goal, but I figured if we could start with 1 door(one giaaaannnnnttt door) in the kitchen renovation we can slowly save and replace the windows. just a thought

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