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September 2, 2010

We are in the midst of the basement bathroom renovation and have hit a wall. This is rather unfortunate seeing as how the completion of this room facilitates the beginning of our kitchen renovation, so this is just not cool…at all. Where do all of you guys get faucets from??!!??!! This is a flipping basement bathroom thus I don’t want to spend over a hundred dollars for the dumb thing, nor does it seem ok that we would spend more on a faucet than we did on the ikea sink/cabinet combo thing it is going to sit on. So, PLEASE help us!

here’s what we have so far…


the dream faucet, that at 425$ costs as much as the tile and vanity combined = bad choice.

or this one which makes me go, meh…


pretty, but much more modern than what seems appropriate for a bathroom that is surrounded by bike parts and unpacked boxes. I’ll keep it in mind for the upstairs bath.

So, we are stumped and I’d rather not finish the bathroom and then have to brush our teeth in the slop sink while we are looking for a faucet that seems right. But to put the whole debacle in perspective I’ve been threatened by mr. Broke with the purchase of this monster if a choice is not made soon…

yup, that’s a laser shooting faucet. no joke and definitely not a funny threat.

So for the good news, we’ve got whole bathroom tiled and grouted! WooHoo!

the floors still obviously need a scrub down and sealing, and paint and then a toilet, but yeah we’re almost done…

and the ikea sink combo.

So as you can see we’re going with an original vibe, something that makes sense with a 1920’s house but is also adorable. But seriously a faucet guys….

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  1. thehouseonpennylane permalink
    September 2, 2010 9:16 pm

    Have you tried This is where we found our master bathroom faucet. It was just over $100, which is spendy by my definition, but I don’t regret the purchase.

    • September 2, 2010 9:30 pm

      Yeah they have some great ones, our problem here is that it has to be single hole installation which greatly diminishes the options. But we have a few in mind for the upstairs bathroom!

  2. Roger permalink
    September 2, 2010 11:02 pm

    we have great luck at Lowes clearance, and the Habitat for Humanity store here on the west side.. ya never know there what they have, its ALWAYS worth the browse… 🙂 yfr

  3. jan rodems permalink
    September 3, 2010 5:11 am

    A “pro” once told me for ease of maintenance because one can always get the parts for repair is the DELTA brand.

  4. jan rodems permalink
    September 20, 2010 5:49 am

    Hotel in NYC had lovely single hole faucet offset to the side and I must admit Ms. Meadowbroke….your right, this is the way to go…

    The fixture was very similar to photos you posted and now that I have used one…well, form and function but ease keeping it all clean was the revelation!
    Groehe was manufacturer, if I recall/spelled right for you.

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