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we have been working

August 30, 2010

We have, I swear! And by we I mean Mr. Broke.  But kittens, the good news is that ALL of the tile is installed in our downstairs bathroom and it should be grouted Thursday and then presto change-o the toilet and sink will be in and so labor day weekend will be just that, laborsome. But, if we do finish that means the real(fun) work can begin upstairs on the new bathroom and kitchen remodel. This will be leaps and bounds bigger than any other project that we have endured, but also probably more gratifying in the end. Our current kitchen is an embarrassment, I mean keep the lights off and hire a bodyguard during parties so that no one inadvertently gets in and see’s the mess of floral linoleum and half-assed painted cabinets kind of embarrassment.  And while we love love love our bathroom all of the floor tile is cracked beyond repair and huge areas of the subway are gone (yeah we’re good at “missing” the yucky spots when taking photos).

So here is the plan: we are moving the kitchen to a different room; no I’m not kidding, it is currently the first room that you enter when coming into the house, which is weird.  And also the only door to the back yard is in a bedroom, which is even weirder. The plan is to move the kitchen into the back so that it will have the patio door in it and move the bathroom to where the kitchen is, and so you’ll enter into a hallway/landing instead of the oven. I’m sure this makes no sense which is why we’ve made a handy 3D rendering of the plan to explain it… the grey space at the right is where the entry landing is, and the bathroom and pantry will be where our current kitchen exists.  The soon to be kitchen will be where a creepy guestroom is. So really it’s just a flip of the rooms- so hopefully no major plumbing will be involved.. hehe

This is a very high up view from where our back patio is, we have an old monks table with a stainless steel top that will be used as an island, and a farmhouse sink which is definitely not that color green, but in reality white enamel. The trusty old stove will be saved and made a little bit more trusty with the help of a vent hood, and lastly we will have a mix of butcher block and marble counters. Unlike what is shown in the rendering we are planning on having the marble wrap around the side of the dishwasher/sink area, there is a ton left over from our garbage find and this area seems the least likely to get stained by cooking splatter.

For the bathroom it would be nice to keep it close in aesthetic to what is already here, we’re trying to rejuvenate more than reinvent, so the monster tub will need to be shifted over and next on the list is finding tile to make sense, maybe more hexagon? I don’t know and am open to suggestions!!! Anyone?

One of the most exciting things about the switcharoo is that we will have a pantry.  Currently our cabinets are laughable, and I love the idea of having a kitchen that feels like a pastry kitchen or something with minimal visible storage and nice open vibe. Kinda like this one…


minus the beadboard, because its feeling a bit more country than we like. Or this one…


Light and airy but not stuffy enough to discourage you from throwing flour at someone when they aren’t looking. But what I’m really getting at is…

(emmas design blog)

Positively perfect in every way. Hmm… maybe we’ll be able to cook a holiday meal this year…

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  1. jan rodems permalink
    August 31, 2010 6:26 am

    On a cloudy day….rainy snowy dark day…this will be so bright and happy!
    Kitchens and task lighting….I wonder if anyone knows the best energy efficient task lighting they could recommend for all of us reading out here in the “meadow land”

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