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small stuff pt 2

August 2, 2010

This summer Mr. Broke and I attended one of the most over the top estate sales EV! It was in a mansion, a for real like 10,000 sq ft mansion, that had a fountain built into a wall in the living room, about 8 fireplaces, a marble wet room/shower situation that would make you cry, and an entirely finished attic that had multiple bedrooms, a bathroom with separate shower and bathtub, AND a giant playroom(in an attic for cryin out loud)…whoooh that was a mouthful. Unfortunately I didn’t find out about it until the last day, however we still managed to score big time, so here are a few of the goodies we found..

these chairs were 12 bucks a piece!

little golden egg table lighters, we haven’t filled them up yet because its too funny watching the cat chase them around the floor

This is also where I found that little sparrow salt shaker, tons of mini ceramic pots, and 2 antique maps. One is huge and we plan on using it for a window shade, so I’ll post about that later. But really it was nutsville up in this place, on our way out Mr. commented on the fact that there were cars around the block for the sale but because of its enormity you hardly ever saw another person.

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