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July 17, 2010

outside of awesome weather, bbq’s and long days , one of the best parts of summer are the garage sales. If you’re in a particularly swanky mood there are also the estate sales, but you never know what you’re gonna get when someone claims to be expelling all things material from the house of a  “lifelong collector”, it’s usually coca cola paraphernalia instead of modern design or Parisian flea market chotchkies. Here’s some of what we’ve found around town this summer:

I’m beyond stoked about what’s in the first photo, that geode thing was in our back yard!? Our friend Chris found it over the 4th, snuck off with it, cleaned it and voila! as he put it, “mantle worthy”, indeed. Next up is that little sparrow guy, he is a salt shaker and an utterly lovely salt shaker at that. We also found a wool blanket that was naturally on summer sale at the salvation army and a mildly questionable bottle of holy water from the Jordan River, don’t really know what’s in there but couldn’t pass it up because of how pretty the bottle is. And lastly the horns, insta-love, they have all of my favorite colors in them. ha

And then there are these horse blanket pins, not actually a recent acquisition, we found them a few years ago at Collier West(awesome!) in Columbus, but misplaced them during the move. Now newly unearthed they are back in their rightful home, the side of the couch, and when fiddled with serve as a perfect tension tamer when watching scary movies, thanks horse pins.

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