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old digs

July 14, 2010

this is where it all began…. about 4 years ago mr broke, our lovely roomy, and I rented out a warehouse space to house our gallery, artists studios and ourselves. It was raw, both literally and figuratively, the space was 6000 square ft of gross industrial filth, rusted pipes and wood paneling, oh yeah apparently someone had tried to jerry rig an office using only wood paneling, very cute. So one fated evening with the help of a crew of friends and artists, we decided to get that place in order so that our next show wouldn’t be in the kitchen of our old apartment. It was sooooo fun, exhausting but fun. So days of indie metal records, johny cash, dry wall, paint and high life later we had ourselves a real gallery with white walls and an apartment to boot. here’s some pics:

basically everything came from ikea, dumpsters, craigslist and local industrial surplus shops, we had just graduated college and thought it would be a good idea to build everything since we couldn’t afford to rent something that suited our preferences, brilliant eh? Trust me I’m not exaggerating when I say the spot only had a toilet. No kitchen, no shower, no bedrooms, no WALLS! oh lord, but I think we rocked it pretty hard considering the hand we were dealt. Up top was the old living room, we had to put up those curtains otherwise the furnace would have had to function as our coffee table. And underneath is the old kitchen, oh how i miss that kitchen, it was big and well lit and also had no flower linoleum floors, hmm I miss you kitchen.

This was our bedroom Mr broke made the headboard from a piece of plywood that we screwed to the wall, best 40$ bed solution evah! We now have it in our bedroom here, and I just love how “fancy with a sense of humor” it is. The light is a thrifted birdcage and a lightbulb, and the wallpaper is one of mr’s photos from a bike trip in washington that we had printed out in dot matrix at kinko’s and wheat pasted onto the wall. It was all very crafty, in fact the most expensive thing in the place was the paint, but so much fun that it made us want to do it all over again but you know the right way, with a place that we aren’t renting and instead plan on staying in forever, and of course with a yard for princess Blakely.

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  1. July 23, 2010 8:10 pm

    i can’t believe that you were able to leave that incredible space… or that it was a rental! no wonder you have such amazing diy skills and that your new home already looks incredible.

    • August 3, 2010 10:40 pm

      really this means so much, we are loving having a reason to do this again. You guys are totally killing it, and are totally inspiring every step of the way!

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