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who says craft is dead

June 26, 2010

(llot llov)

Maybe I’ll start a new category titled “things I think could easily be DIYed but that I don’t have time to make, so instead let’s just talk about them and maybe someone else will make it and send us a picture, yay!”. I studied craft in college and have always found it crazy how design and craft have been so separate in peoples minds for decades, that’s why the whole DIY , artisan,  bespoke movement in design is super inspiring. It seems like we all want to sense the makers hand in the products we buy, maybe its in search of a feeling of authenticity, or maybe knowing that our resources are finite has finally impacted the design world and so now we want objects with meaning. ANYHOW! Check out these gorgeous light fixtures

(Victor Vetterlein, Vibeke Skar)

the light on the left is made from egg cartons, I love the idea, I seem to remember seeing an incredible fixture on Apartment Therapy that someone had made from styrofoam packaging from Apple, which was also amazing, but short of spending bagillions of dollars on laptops it seems like a more frugal option to attempt making the egg container lamp.

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