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June 24, 2010

wowza. These are out of control lovely.

(1. Remodelista, 2. OWI)

I wish we had the cohonez to put our malm(esque) fireplace outside


But seriously, we are starting to plan our flagstone patio in the back, which is exciting and terrifying when someone actually says things like “5 tons of gravel will be dropped at the end of your driveway”?!?! but it will be worth it in the end, I think. The patio is 1 of only 2 big exterior projects and the other one is essentially done, we got down all but 1 of the trees that were threatening to destroy our foundation, oh yeah and obliterate our neighbors house every time the wind blew. of course there was one lonely jerk of a tree that we ourselves could not get down and will have to hire a professional for, because they have insurance for taking out someone elses roof, unlike us.

or the cash flow to copy the ace hotel’s patio from top to bottom! One day- crazy wire rocking chair and aztec rug, you will be mine!

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