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June 20, 2010

the other day I was web stalking the new renovation of Judy Aldridge’s house, it is obviously impeccable, but the shots of her patio area sent me into a tizzy because she has the JSPR plastic fantastic chairs! They are utterly fantastic and I love the cozy feel that they bring to her patio. Most outdoor furniture is overly austere (which I also love) or plain boring, so the humor of putting something so ornate and decidedly “indoor” feeling in a yard/deck/what have you, was exactly what we wanted to give our slab more of an outdoor living room feel.

(Plastic Fantastic)

oh and look at this other brilliant convergence of rubber and chairs…

(Peter Traag)

Adorable! And this seems like a great idea for kids furniture, non-slip and you could hose it off, just a thought.    So, all this rubber dipping got me in the DIY mood and presto-chango one of our many garbage picked chairs has moved out of the garage and found a new home on the patio, all thanks to a can and a half of plasti-dip spray.

and while we’re on the subject of making things pretty, here’s another garbage chair, compliments of mr Broke, that I’ve gussied up recently

oh how I love spray paint…and now the current patio state, it finally feels cozy at night, yay!

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