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in the bag

June 14, 2010

this takes eco bags to whole new level…

(Clockwise from top left 1. & 2. Bacsac, 3. WoolyPocket, 4. Window Farm, 5. Our Vaca(not a bag but a great repurposed container), 6. WoolyPocket)

I really love this whole idea of mobile container gardening, it’s so well suited for both transient folk and those who live in an area that has a short growing season(such as ourselves). Plus I think you could totally DIY a version of the wooly wall, but considering the materials, I really don’t think they’re an unfair price.  The window garden though, I mean jeebus that would be so magical looking if it were made of old ball jars or something other than 2 liters, don’t you think? and it could totally function as a dividing wall on a patio of some sort, all you would need is the skeleton of a wall and then dangle those things down, sort of like a living version of the 70’s bead curtains.

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