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June 10, 2010

So we are starting to plan our flagstone patio in the back, which is both exciting and terrifying when someone actually says things like “5 tons of gravel will be dropped at the end of your driveway”?!?! compound that with my penchant for over buying and the fact that we would have to haul it all up and around the side of our house(its built on a hill so there is NO easy way to get things in the backyard) so it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this is a fairly daunting task. Let’s take this moment to go back in time and show you what happened when I ordered soil for the raised beds in the backyard…

that’s my car being blocked by a 4′ x 9′ pile of dirt on an 80 degree day, talk about lighting a fire under our butts, we hauled that sucker 1 wheelbarrow at a time all the way to the back beds, no biggie, he he.. But gravel will be much heavier and of course there will be alot more, but anyhow lets not dwell on that and look at what we’re planning


something like this. The backyard is ginormous and the patio area that we have now is a cement slab, so we would like to extend it out with an area of gravel that would have this style of planted squares and then a flagstone patio at the end that would have a pizza oven for mr. Broke.

(remodelista, weird huh?)

this is sort of how I think it will end up feeling, we are putting a patio door in that is similar to the one above that would lead to out to our slab.

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