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May 26, 2010

so I probably haven’t posted about this story because it’s a little mortifying, but now that it seems that I haven’t irreparably damaged the bushes  in the front yard I suppose we can all have laugh at my gardening ignorance. Well, when we first got the house way back in november I decided, without any prior research which is so unlike me, to clean up the front yard/flower beds “slash and burn” style. Everything looked dead and gross and covered with soggy leaves, so I cut down the twiggy messes and pulled up the dead grasses, in order to make room for my dream front yard which would be filled by peonies and lilly of the valley. And just as i started to uproot a couple of those twig like monstrosities our neighbor came out and politely inquired as to what I was doing? “Not quite sure. ” I reply, “getting this area ready for something I suppose” to which he says “Oh, ok, well um… those are the most beautiful peony bushes when the bloom in the spring…”    Uh, whoops! so I frantically gather all of the roots that were strewn about, shove them back under the dirt, and say a little prayer to the god of flowering bushes in hopes that all is not lost.

thankfully they all came back in full force because I’ve been holding my breath since november. Moral of the story… don’t destroy things when you don’t know what they are.

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