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April 28, 2010

It has been 6 months since buying châteaux Broke! It’s been pretty much awesome, so Thank you House, you’ve been a pleasure to work with thus far. It is for you that I have suffered many sinus infections and what I like to call drywall asthma, it is for you that I have stepped on century old carpentry nails, and it is for you that I have scraped, scrubbed, torn, demolished and hauled away decades of filth and dated wallpaper choices so that you may breathe easier and stand with pride amongst your well-maintained neighbors.  Thank you House (and mr broke) for teaching me how to caulk windows, sand and strip floors, get crafty when the funds can’t support the vision, smooth out plaster walls, and plant things(I’ll change that to grow things once the growing part actually happens).

so here’s a little look back at some highlights!

first day at the house freakOUT! and when we first discovered that we had windows!

the dining room, can you see that light!? even little buddy looks confused by that crafty craziness

this was during the bathroom shakedown, and those were my scummy work shoes that stuck to the wall while I was pulling down the oil cloth they super glued to the wall (note that they WERE my work shoes, hence why that carpentry nail sucked so much…)

yay 1st basketball game and bbq!!!

yay 1st Halloween decorations!

and last but not least, I just found this photo of the dining room on the first day we were in the house!

yowza! now heres the after

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  1. jan rodems permalink
    April 28, 2010 1:06 pm

    Shoes to the wall…how absolutely laugh out loud funny is that!
    Dining room fixture a memorable one, the “Dining After”…just beautiful.
    Ah, now you have a room to linger and enjoy. I am sure the prior owners would be pleased with all of your ideas and the return to simple line…clean…breathtaking simplicity.

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