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April 11, 2010

yes, sometimes we have to cave and actually purchase something at a retail store, no not a thrift store or craigslist or for that matter someone elses dumpster, but at an actual store. Well the patio plan included a ginormous built in day bed situation, that would have been marvelous, expensive and time consuming, and since we only have until October to get the upstairs AND downstairs finished, we figured that blowing a sizable wad of cash on the patio would check off one of our to do’s in a timely fashion.

(real simple)

so, I know I was all excited about the Arholma series, but that was befor driving 3 hours to Michigan and being blown away by how bad the color of the fake rattan was… But low and behold, right past this eyesore was a lovely vignette of dark fake rattan, that somehow lived up to my dream patio and cost less that the arholma series, yay Ikea!!

and since we’re on the subject of patio dreams… I have purchased some seeds for this lovely plant, lunaria, aptly nicknamed the money plant, so here’s hoping right?

(bloom, grow, love)

and a couple of these cuties will be scattered around which is a lovely “mood lighting” substitute for the security flood lights that seem to have the worst timing ever… oh thanks again Ikeaand one more shout out to Ikea, I am in love, like head over heals, for the Ammero outdoor furniture. Not only does it look like million bucks but the whole shebang took under 2 hours to assemble, all by my big girl self!

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  1. jan rodems permalink
    April 12, 2010 6:04 am

    My neighbor installed motion detection security flood lighting and I no longer have soft path lighting along the side of my home as designed, it is now all bright white from their home.
    Flood lights can effect your neighbors garden too. Good Luck with the “mood lighting”, very fun looking!

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