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the libr-ar color scheme

April 4, 2010

so the whole steam-punk bizzaro victorian vibe that we’re aiming for in the library will hopefully be completed by a very dusty black color scheme. The wooden shelves and transom door are both very dark wood, plus we’ve started the refinishing process on the floor and they will be a walnut and ebony mix, so to balance all of the warm dark wood we’ve decided on 2 charcoals for the walls and then a super deep navy for the ceiling. Yeah it might be too much, but hey it’s just paint

photo by Ludger Paffrath

dont remember where this one came from whoops!

the room itself is teeny tiny and with all of the built-ins that mr broke is building it will be just large enough for our drafting table and some sort of large cozy reading chair.. OH YEAH! I forgot the best part

I think it will be a stunner against the navy ceiling! Full instructions are avilable at the artist’s website, and make sure to check out The Brick House‘s version, amazing of course, that woman is too brilliant….

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