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new old doors!

February 1, 2010

our guardian angel/realtor has been one of our most valuable resources for all things home related, and his most recent input has been 4 reclaimed transom doors from an old convent that has been torn down recently. Our town is full of architectural gems from the historical buildings and mansions that have been torn down or “renovated” over the years and this is part of the reason that mr broke and I are trying not to use new items whenever possible.

they are breathtaking, and we are putting 3 of them into the dining room, one where the dining room meets the side entry/stairwell area and we are rigging the other 2 to be a double door that will close off what is currently the tool room and will soon be a library/bar.

there they are patiently waiting…

presto chango let 2 become 1…

and a peak into the mess of an entry way

and the bonus is that we can close the door and not stare at the insanity that is back there!

this insanity in case you were curious

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  1. russell - roger permalink
    February 1, 2010 8:21 pm

    they look good good job

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