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dining room pt 1

January 31, 2010

we are currently focusing on the dining room which has been tons of um fun. There was of course alot of wallpaper, ceiling texture, and chipped paint to remove, but now that thats all done with we can work on the exciting stuff such as the leaded glass windows that are on either side of the built in/window seat thing. When we first moved in we hadn’t really figured out if they were glass because the paint was so thick on them they sounded like wood when you tapped them, so some genius a few weeks later pulled out a razor and voila! a little glimpse of glass was exposed…

the before

the goobers

I think this is the second or third scraping

some time lapse, i like that the sun went down and the beer bottles piled up during this project.. very classy

overall it was not nearly as hard as i thought it would be, it just took a lot of patience, I hate “letting the product do the work” it drives me crazy. But the product did do a lot of work and after 3 or so applications almost all the paint was gone with the exception of the edges of the lead, which was a ok with me because then I was able to zone out for a few hours and scrape all the  schmutz out with a pin, very relaxing. So now we have the lovely glass exposed in perfect condition no cracks or anything, and we just love everything about them!

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  1. The Awesome REALTOR permalink
    February 1, 2010 12:20 am

    you guys ROCK! … because of you, I’m getting a living room… look for pics on facebook soon.

    Leaded glass looks AWESOME, Luv Ya… R

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