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January 29, 2010

here I go again dreaming about decorating right as we begin another demolition! Maybe it’s self torture, but for those of you who’s entire budget is not going to home depot, allow me to tell you about my favorite home stores. These four boutiques are my go to for all things inspiring, from their products to their staging, it is all marvelous!

Let’s start with my most frequented, Room Service. This shop is perfect in every way: totally affordable, totally lavish, supports local art and crafts, amazing merchandising, incredible owner, and my go to spot for any gift (and I mean any from secret santa’s and total strangers to mom and designer obsessed friends). Here are a few shots of ms Danielle’s merch and storefront:

Room Service shop

Room Service Blog

first in this bunch that I must rave about are the kobo soy candles, holy moly, they last forever and once they become a little nubbin the soy wax is so soft and fragrant it can be used as a solid perfume. Next, are the measuring pitchers which are unbearably cute and I hope to have them one day proudly displayed in my renovated kitchen, and right next to those tea towels with the pocket watch print. And my last obsession from the store right now are those tea cups with the windmill and tree, in love! I begrudgingly gave these to one of my best friends for the holidays..

Next up is a little boutique that we found meandering the streets in paris called Astier De Villatte. We both, almost in unison, gasped and stopped in our tracks as we entered! The store itself is crazy gorgeous, super austere but with so much personality, and every item could have been in it’s own glass case they were so special.

Astier De Villate

I believe that they make all the ceramic work in the shop, each piece looked hand-made with irregular edges and charmingly rough finishes. One wall and one giant table were overflowing with plates and cups and fun little curiosities such as that bird/hoof/cross cup thing pictured above, and around each corner was a new piling of something beautiful. It was such a well curated shop that we spent a good half hour walking around trying to choose which object should come home with us, but budget prevailed and so we purchased one of the Escher style notebooks for the meadowbroke guest book, and one of my favorite parts is that the edges of all the pages are gold!

Next is another boutique that I have only been to once, but is always in the back of my mind when I dig through thrift shops and resale stores. It’s called Bell Jar and is in San Fransisco, we went there about 2 yrs ago? maybe longer.

Bell Jar Shop

Bell Jar Blog

I am so excited that they had a photo of that double-headed bird because it has haunted me, not nightmare haunt but the positive kind of haunt, ever since I saw it, there may have even been talks of trying to construct one but I definitely don’t have the guts for that project. But seriously, every time I decorate I leave a little space in its honor, and rue the day that I didn’t buy it. They have an incredible mix of home goods, clothing, and even a little gallery in back that had some really beautiful local work, and if that isn’t enough their blog is awesome as well.

And finally Collier West, which is on High St in Columbus. I don’t know where to begin with this place, it was like the owner had snuck into my dreams, brought everything back into reality and displayed it in two stories of WOW!

Collier West Shop

When I stopped into this shop last spring I just couldn’t stop walking through over and over again, it was just too beautiful, and I wanted to remember everything! The linens, the candles, the vintage, the DISHES, oh my god the dishes, I can’t even believe those silver rimmed dishes. They are the perfect dishes and they would look so good paired with the plates that we have from Room Service, if only they were in our budget, or maybe I could trade my car for them? hmmm….

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  1. February 20, 2010 1:12 pm

    Ahhhhhhhh! thanks for the shout out and O M G! YOUR HOUSE IS A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

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