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potty break

January 22, 2010

speaking of bathrooms I can’t stop daydreaming about our future master bath, how very fancy does that sound. It is still at least a month away from it’s start but in the meantime we have been planning and hoarding all things bathroom related. The most important aspect of the whole shebang is white marble! Oh yes you might be wondering meadow-BROKE how does that work exactly? Well years of dumpster diving has proven unbelievable fruitful in this wasteful town and has recently concluded with a marble discovery! Completely absurd, I know, but mr and I were snooping around in a warehouse next to where we used to live that is slated for tear down and found STACKS of marble, most pieces were broken mind you, but there was plenty. So we thoughtfully contacted the owners of the building (don’t worry we will not be tiling with hot marble) and they said take it all, we don’t need that marvelous junk, we happily obliged and now have a garage housing a stack of white marble slabs and steps.

But enough bragging, here’s something inspiring..

are you dying because I am dying, I carried this image from Domino ( RIP ) in my bag for a month, it’s impeccable, imagine it  with marble herringbone…

oh my god

head over heels for this shower, especially how the wood frame sort of feels like an old phone booth, no?

awesome use of natural light, we have a wall of windows in the area that the bathroom is going and I would love to do something like this..


I love trough sinks and trough drains and anything rather linear I suppose

this and that Domino image might be tied for dream bathroom, does that mean we should paint the tub black? I love it with the dark floors but aren’t sold on the idea with white floors, any suggestions?

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