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et voila.

January 16, 2010

here are the current images of the first floor bathroom, I think it is officially not creepy any longer!

this is how we are currently handling the old “shower” area

and now for some details…

this is an impromptu light fixture that mr. broke rigged up, it is just a piece of plexi that he made a stencil for and spray painted, I think it turned out very well and cost 0$, please don’t mind the dusty mirror, the stuff infiltrates every nook of the house.

an ikea bath caddy and a shot of how we had to rig up the bathtub to also be a shower, it was cheap, easy, and will suffice untill we do the crazy renovation sometime in the future.. OH and how could I forget, the beaker! The previous home owners left us with a house full of gems (and lots of junk) but some of those gems where a set of beakers that I just adore.

another beaker, and the lovely coke bottle glass window that is patiently awaiting its full overhaul

and my favorite feat in the entire room is this fan, I hate ceiling fans but can’t deny that they are totally useful so instead of chucking it we took half of the blades off, sprayed it black and tossed the dangly stuff that was on the end of the pull cords.          Not half bad in the end

but now for the really fun stuff, this is the toilet we would like to get to replace the stunner that is in there, it will be a big purchase but we would like to have an efficient toilet in the main bathroom.

and I am obsessed with this bathtub, it’s unbelievable, and unbelievably expensive, 8,400$ no joke. So we are going to build a frame around the existing tub to sort of give the same feel.

the tub that we have attatches to the wall on two sides so there will only be one set of legs instead of two, but we are going to have the end extended to house a tray of some sort in the same way that the fancy tub does.

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  1. January 16, 2010 6:27 pm

    It looks so nice! I can’t believe all that tile was covered up by that ugliness. (Also, I wish I could unearth such gems in my house! Alas, the original flooring, tiles, etc., are long gone. 😦

    Great job!

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