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yay for today!

December 14, 2009

Today we got to say “hello!” to a brand new bagillion % efficient furnace, and “see ya later loser!” to the super gross, non-functional and eerily stinky air conditioning unit that was in our back yard!

So now we’re on to the front room and here is a very distant before photo- as in the day we moved in, so there has been quite a bit of wallpaper removal and scraping going on over the past few weeks.

Here is a little time-lapse-style montage of the work we have accomplished thus far.

image 1.  how we found the place when we moved in, yes they left ALL of that junk

image 2.  there have been countless piles of wallpaper to take to the trash- in fact every wall has had wallpaper on it! The entire house, even the closets!

image 3. The removal of decades of bizarre decision making….

image 4.  One of our first and favorite discoveries was the set of windows on either side of the fireplace that had been covered by wood paneling and a few layers of wallpaper. While unearthing the windows we also found the original mantel, which is way sweeter than the chintzy laminate thing that had been slapped on.

image 5. And finally how its looking these days.

So The end is in sight, if you can believe it! Hopefully we will have legit after photos sometime this weekend, eeh gads this is exciting!

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