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December 11, 2009

Why, oh why does every light fixture that I fall in love with cost more than I earn in a month?! It’s kinda crazy how much money these things are, maybe I’ve just never noticed before since my lighting shopping was usually relegated to the thrift store- or Ikea if I was going all out, but its hard to bring oneself(myself) to shell out so much for something that cost so little to make.   Thusly, I am totally inspired by this DIY random chandelier, what a brilliant idea..

we will definitely be making one of these for the house or maybe a dozen, who knows; sometimes its hard to stop once your elbow deep in elmers glue. At our last place we built a knock off of the Johnathan Adler tripod lamp, and although it is not nearly as sturdy as the real deal, it was about 15$ to make.

So in honor of resourcefulness and repurposing I am challenging mr Meadowbroke and myself to make these unbelievably expensive lamps…


Both are from, a crazy fantastic home store, that I would love to be able to support by purchasing said lights, however that would run about 2,600$ and thats about the same amount as our new furnace! not bitter.. I promise…

The first one I feel is pretty self-explanatory in terms of its construction, a couple of dowel rods, some wire, and a lampshade, but we shall see, mr Meadowbroke tends to be the voice of reason when it comes to these things. So, fingers crossed he doesn’t put the kibosh on my dreams of a home filled with beautiful and easy to make lamp knock-offs.

The second one might not be as easy but from here it looks like the top of a cake plate with a hole drilled in the top, and a really awesome lightbulb. Easier said than done? maybe, but I’m gonna guess there is some sort of special glass drill bit that exists somewhere, most likely on the internet.

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