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or maybe blue?

October 10, 2010

The house painting is coming to an end, a little more detaily stuff and we will no longer live in the “creepy” house on the street, which couldn’t be timed better because it’s a little awkward hearing children, out of terror, refuse to approach your door on Halloween. True story. However with the new house color, the yellow door looks more crappy than happy. So how about blue?

(house and home)

(patricia grey)


I’m feelin this indigo one the most, it will probably look black from the street, but I don’t mind that one bit. The house is now “french silver”, i know so bourgie, with white trim and is a vast improvement over the 15 different browns that it used to be mere weeks ago. Is navy too boring?

doodle fest

October 2, 2010

We’ve been tossing around the idea of wallpaper for a while now, at the old place we made a giant wall mural out of one of Mr. Broke’s photos( and wheat pasted the thing onto the wall with fairly good success. It was beautiful and totally cheap, about 70$ to have the whole thing printed at Kinko’s and another 5ish dollars for glue and flour…

you can see snippets of it in these…. however I’m totally smitten with doodley wallpapers and I think we may have to pull out our craftin’ skills and try our hand at wallpaper design. I mean what?! we’ve got illustrator AND many tens of thousands of dollars worth of art school tuition on our side, so something worth looking at had better be within our capabilities.

wait is that my house?

This is the one that started it though, how perfect would this be for a giant closet! Ah! You will be mine burlesque lady doodle wallpaper! And best of all, since I will be drawing said ladies they will have way better underpants on, no pasties please.

caveman bed

September 26, 2010

Mr and I got our first big kid bed(granted it was my Mom’s old bed) and I’m so excited to pimp it out with all of the lovely, non-target brand, sheets that came with it! Its a freaking king size; me, Mr and madam Blakely can all sleep soundly without even one of us being shoved off of the side by a puppy leg spasm, it’s pretty lavish. So in honor of the new bed and fall being well on its way, I’ve been scoping out some pretty snuggly looking bed situations:

Say hello to my future caveman bed, I like that it looks like you could be in on the side of a glacier in Antarctica and these beds would still be impervious to chill. So if I had too much money to spend on making this happen it would look something like this:

( Sorta clockwise-y from top left: kuba pillows, Fog linen gray sheet set, Foxy blanket by Twinkle Living, White Faux Sheep blanket, Chunky Laura Ashley blanket, Bjork pillow from Design House Stockholm)

And if I had a normal amount of money to spend on the idea, it would look something like this:

(Pillows from Maisons du Monde, Grey sheets from Ikea, Aztec blanket from Pendleton, Sheep skin from IkeaChunky Pillow by West Elm, and the last 3 blankets are also from Ikea, yay Ikea!)


September 24, 2010

Check out these fantastic interiors, in love with the paintings above the doors….

all photos from KML design.

just lovely. We’ve been thinking about wallpaper, I know its crazy to want to put more wallpaper up after taking it down for months, but that little bathroom is SO rad that it might have to be imitated somewhere in chateau broke.

mr. puffy mcfluffy

September 23, 2010

I’ve really got to find something like this:


(Birgitta Martin)

(hollister hovey)

(desire to inspire)

(guido via dti)


any of them would suffice…


September 19, 2010

so starting tomorrow we will have painters covering the exterior of our house! Yikes, we havent even picked a color yet, ha, but seriously I think I was in denial about the whole thing actually happening and subsequently haven’t spent the time that is necessary to choose an exterior paint. We want gray, the house is cedar shake and unfortunately it has been painted, so essentially we would like it to look like it was never painted and aged into that awesome seal gray that you see in new england.

(Nick Noyes via Remodelista)

This house is sort of what we’re goin for, old but new, but not so new that we aren’t aware of the old, you know? And in reality I’ve been more preoccupied with finding some dreamy doors to give the house this kind of vibe, rather than picking a paint color. So let’s move on to that rather than looking for paint.



(desire to inspire)

In reality this a very long term goal, but I figured if we could start with 1 door(one giaaaannnnnttt door) in the kitchen renovation we can slowly save and replace the windows. just a thought

decisions decisions

September 18, 2010

this is whats been consuming us lately.

wood burning stove/fireplace ideas. The liner is in(which is a giant deal) but we still need to insulate it and actually install the thing(which is not a big deal, or at least that is what I’m told. But I’m more concerned with whats around it, call me crazy but he arts and crafts vibing tile just isn’t doing it for me.


September 11, 2010

just stumbled on this painfully great vintage shop and wanted to share. So dreamy… and just to warn you this is gonna be a long one

pheeww… it was hard to save that one for last. all of this gorgeousness is available here. Factory20


September 8, 2010

the ole basement bathroom is nearing completion in my normal jumping the gun kind of way, the bad boy is already decorated my head. So here it is, some faves that if money were totally no object would be en route to my door step as we speak…

(laviva hammam towels)

(Pigeon Toe Ceramics)

Seriously this is insanely gorgeous, it would even be lovely filled with rolls of tp, which is what I would probably put in it.


(Bailey’s toothbrush holder and big nails to use as towel hooks)

(Jayson Home & Garden)

for towel storage and the likes…


and something totally ridiculous like this to keep soap or bath salt in.

now it’s time to look for something important like a shower curtain or a mirror… We’ll post after photos ASAP!


September 5, 2010

I’m about to head into the basement to start painting the widow and walls, but I’m generally excited about too much stuff to not procrastinate a minute and instead share with you all. Check out this awesome place!


Incredible, loving how playful the scale of everything is and it feels so livable and calm, and I bet that couch smells like pipe tobacco and books. I’m really feeling the idea of incorporating the chalky black color that we’ve painted the windows with into more parts of the house, maybe something like this would help:

Awesome punctured black steel pendant light “Beatty” by John Beck Paper & Steel, he shoots the lamp shades with a shot-gun to get the random holes.

and while we’re on the subject , here’s some more lovely houses.

(all from houzz)